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We’ll Drop TheTemperature,You’ll Drop ThePounds!

Sometimes setting a New Year’s resolution around fitness is risky business. It could either be the kick we need to jumpstart a more positive lifestyle, or it could leave us with feelings of guilt and resentment. This year we are introducing you to our Cryoskin Therapy and Juice Cleanse options! These premium treatments will not only crush your fitness resolutions but keep you healthy and lean for years to come!


Nothing haunts us more than that tiny

pocket of fat in our mid-section, or that loose arm flap that doesn’t seem to disappear regardless of our greatest efforts! The thought alone triggers ghosts of fitness past! Cryoskin Therapy is a non-invasive weight loss alternative specializing in targeting areas that are seemly impossible to decrease with diet and exercise alone. Sub degree temperatures are used to freeze those unhealthy fat cells located in any section of your choosing. The cells are later released into our lymphatic system, then out through our kidneys, and flushed away for good! What would any fat loss be without post-loss tightening and toning? Fortunately, Cryoskin Therapy comes in a toning treatment as well! Our toning session increases microcirculation in the targeted areas; therefore, increasing the skin’s elasticity, firmness, and tightness!

Have you already experienced one of our Cryoskin Therapy treatments? Drop a comment below telling us all about your experience! As always, we love hearing from you!

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